Linde Approved process

1. Ex-contract trucks

Trucks chosen for refurbishment are typically ex-contract, maintained from new by Linde engineers

2. Pressure washing

Each truck is thoroughly steam cleaned to remove all accumulated dirt and grime prior to inspection

3. Comprehensive inspection

A qualified engineer carries out a meticulous examination to identify areas of the truck and components requiring attention. Only genuine Linde parts are used in the refurbishment process

4. Emission/pressure test

On engine powered trucks, to ensure complete operational reliability and compliance with exhaust emission regulations, the engine undergoes stringent testing using the most up to date diagnostic equipment

5. Battery and charger

On electric trucks, the battery is checked to ensure serviceability, and cells replaced where necessary. A new, fully guaranteed battery is supplied under the five star programme

6. Refurbishment process

Components are either repaired or replaced depending on programme level selected

7. Repaint

All trucks are repainted to the manufacturer’s original colours to provide a quality finish, prior to new decals and the Approved truck identification plate being fitted

8. Pre-delivery check

The final procedure is the multi-point check and LOLER/PUWER inspection, including chain and fork certification by an independent engineer. A LOLER/PUWER certificate is provided with every machine